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Max. upload size 64MB
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At Surrey Event Professionals, we uphold a commitment to professionalism and excellence within our community. To ensure a high standard of service and expertise, we kindly request that our members upload the following documentation:

  1. Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  2. Relevant industry documentation and qualifications for your business sector. i.e. Catering - Food Hygiene and Safety
  3. Industry Recommendations - We kindly request that you provide two industry references for your business's integrity, services and professionalism. 
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Max. upload size 100MB

3. Industry Reference: Please provide two industry references for your business's integrity, services and professionalism.

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Please select your membership duration below. For optimum benefits, consider our annual membership option. 

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SEP Membership: Event Industry businesses and venues ONLY. Please select:

SEP Business Partner membership: For all businesses offering supporting services to event industry businesses, organisations and venues. 

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