About SEP

Our aim to promote collaboration and professionalism within our industry locally. To become a prestigious collective of Surrey’s finest venue and event suppliers, the go-to source of event services and venues for our clients.

Management Team


Steve Page


SEP Iain Booth

Iain Booth

Inside Outside Marquees

SEP Kate Plowright

Kate Plowright

Selling Savvy

SEP Keith

Keith Connors

Twilight Entertainment

SEP Nicky

Nicky Yates

Woodhaven Space

SEP Becky

Becky Ray

Guildford Pavilion


Brodie McHallam

Guildford Pavilion

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Advisory Board

paul marcus

Paul Marcus

Paul Marcus Media/CMPP

SEP Hannah Shepherd

Hannah Sheppard

Surrey Event Professionals

mike kershaw 1

Mike Kershaw

Kershaw Partners

Tanya Selley

Tanya Selley

IRSA Communications


Ed Schofield


SEP Ian Blyth

Ian Blyth

C&H Marketing

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About Us

SEP was started to fill a gap in the market that would support our fellow events industry professionals. To promote and champion collaboration and professionalism among our membership and show the benefit that would bring to their business. To create an enviroment of community, of mutual support and friendship among our membership. One that would also embrace our ethos of supporting our local charity community as well as promoting the benefit to all that brings with it.

Surrey Event Professionals (SEP) is a collaborative collective of the finest venues, wedding and event suppliers in and serving Surrey. Based around a monthly networking meeting our members cross promote, collaborate and support each other and their businesses. As a group we also offer both industry and business training; proactively market our members businesses, embrace a strong CSR ethos and strive for professionalism and support within our collective.

We can recommend and support any event of any type, we also run a number of partner venues and an ever-increasing list of flagship local and annual events. So, from sourcing a one-off piece of entertainment or equipment to
full event management of large-scale public events, we and the collective within SEP can help.

Partnerships and Associations

Event Partner

Proud Member

Events course accessor

Proud Member

Proud Member

Founder Member

Proud Member

Founder Partner

Our Short History

SEP started in 2019 by founder, Surrey based event organiser Steve Page. Whose vision was to initially attract just 30-40 fellow event professionals to a monthly meeting to catch up, support each other and to explore the services of others in more detail. However, within just a year, meetings regularly attracted 80-100 event professionals, covering a complete spectrum of services and venues. Quickly he discovered an appetite for further training, mentoring and proactive marketing of fellow businesses, which has led to the ever-evolving strong group it is today.

Today, SEP still headed by Steve, has a fantastic management and ambassador team of 20 fellow event professionals which reads like a who’s who of the local events industry who support him. This team also work together to ensure the group moves forward and the membership grows in the correct way.

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