Planning Guide

Top ten Event tips

  1. Define your event goals/objective (this important element will impact all other stages)
  2. Work out a budget (a good idea to work out the costs involved at this stage)
  3. Create the ‘ideal’ guest list (this will help with venue size, location and type)
  4. Choose a venue (when you have a venue, you’ll know what else you need to order)
  5. Choose the refreshment/food (usually the key cost after the venue, remember your guests in ordering)
  6. Choose the entertainment (remember to factor in your aim, objective, theme, guests & budget in this)
  7. Look at the running order (Now with all key elements, make sure it flows, is relaxed and works)
  8. Look at what may go wrong (the weather, parking and overrunning etc, then plan for these now)
  9. Double-check everything (Ensure you check details and that all suppliers remember!)
  10. Enjoy your event (Running your event is hard work, so take time to enjoy it)

Specific Event tips

Common mistakes made with events

  • Being too relaxed! Everyone likes a chilled-out event, but it takes some organising to be chilled out!
  • Have a set finish time. ‘8 till late’, will mean many leave at around 11, but saying midnight, will ensure more stay
  • Chase up invites. So many don’t reply and don’t presume people still will come, there’s lots of noise out there, make sure they remember and come along to your event
  • Double check everything! Check all your suppliers are still coming along, also ask their expected arrival time
  • Make time for you. Events are hard work, so is making sure your guests are happy, make time for you to enjoy

Hosting the 18 th birthday party

  • Drink is key for the guests, make sure your bar is manned by experienced bar staff
  • If a free bar just offer wine, beer, prosecco, cocktails and cider, keep shots away, there brings trouble
  • Have a guest list, grab professional door staff if necessary, as they will ensure all are safe and smooth running
  • Pre-mix some cocktails without alcohol, just don’t tell them!

Wedding Etiquette options

  • It’s not law, weddings can be at traditional as you want or not. It’s only the legal marriage ceremony that has set parameters, the rest of the day is up to you. It’s your big day
  • Instead of a long top table, why not try a round table in the middle and surrounded by your friends and family
  • Worried about speeches? Why not speak together as a couple or ask lots of friends to chip in or no speeches!

Marquee at home or function venue

  • Marquee is yours and therefore more flexible than a venue
  • Venues have everything there, no need to hire chairs, loos, table kitchens etc
  • Marquees are often yours for a longer period, so can do more in it (two parties!)
  • Venues have all the staff in house and can take planning stress away from you
  • Marquees at home, will need good space, guest parking and facilities
  • Venues will need to be well in advance, often more in advance than venues

Fundraising event ideas

  • People expect to donate a further £10-15 at a fundraising event on top of what they have paid, so make sure you grab it: Do Heads & Tails at a meal, create an interesting raffle, charge for official photos or auction
  • Not everyone has lots of money, so make sure all giving opportunities cover a range of prices or offerings
  • Check out other charities websites for fundraising ideas, there’s thousands to choose from
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